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13 December, 2011

One of Those Days

I was planning on doing a Musette Food post today, but I can barely think straight let alone set up links and serve up tips and variations on recipes. It's 9 AM and it is already one of THOSE days. You know, the ones you wish you had a reset button for.

Could we go back to bed now?

It all started a 4 AM when Cooper came  into the bedroom, all excited and "talking" up a storm. My hubby had forgotten to put his Blackberry on mute last night and Coop wanted to let us know the he had a new email. Got the dog settled down, but couldn't get back to sleep because the neighbor's rooster was crowing. At 4:30 AM. When it was still pitch black outside. Fast forward to a few hours later when I let Cooper outside to do his business. I'm in the middle of my yard when I hear something very large crashing through the bushes in my other neighbor's yard along with the gong of something hitting metal. I look over and see a deer butt disappearing into the woods. Apparently it had kicked an old can that was in the weeds.

Right now I'm guzzling my second cup of coffee and feeling nowhere near normal. I'm also wishing that I had a coffee maker that brews the heavenly caffeinated stuff in a pot instead of one cup at a time. I would most likely be chugging it out of the carafe right now.

So, how is your day going? I bet it's better than mine!