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28 August, 2009

Jumblicious 8/28/09

Well, summer is finally wrapping up around here and the kids and I are busy being lazy! Public schools can't start until after Labor Day, so we have one week left before the schedules, routines and responsibilities return. I haven't even been reading much, just a few short stories. I have been trying to do some fun things with the kids (like getting lots of slushies and ice cream cones) and teaching the dog how to catch a frisbee.

After a few weeks of hot and humid "summer" weather the temperatures have taken a nose dive into the high 60's low 70 degree range and I feel like knitting. I quickly got one Frothy Gothy Wristwarmer in a very light gray done and I plan on casting on for the second one this afternoon. I think they might end up a little tight for me, but I'm sure my daughter will gladly take this pair off of my hands!

If you are a lunch packing mama like I am, here are a few links you might be interested in:

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Reusable Sandwich Wrap (for sewers)
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How about a little knitted Monster Chunk for a lunchbox surprise?

It's a little too cold for squirt gun fights here right now, but check out this Squirt Gun Refilling Station!

Need to make some lists for back to school stuff. Here are some cute lists that you can print yourself.

OK, that's all for now. Can you tell getting the kids back to school is on my mind??